Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT) Model

Plan the Change is about identifying the purpose, scope, and outcomes of the change initiative. The focus is on determining a process that will be used to plan and drive the change effort forward. It’s also here that you will assemble a change team and establish the rules by which that team will operate.

Create Urgency involves making it clear that the need to change is now and not tomorrow. The focus is on creating a compelling “story” and building a vision of the future that helps generate excitement and true commitment. It’s here you seek to establish a broad desire for change strong enough to overwhelm the collective resistance.

Lead the Change is about ensuring the business sponsors actively engage in the change effort on an on-going basis. The focus is on equipping team members to be change leaders and advocates who can influence others. It’s here that you will align leaders with the “what,” “why,” and “how” of the change initiative.

Engage the People involves informing all stakeholders and engaging priority stakeholders in the initiative. The focus is on reaching diverse stakeholder audiences through multiple communication channels and events. It’s here that you will ensure stakeholders have the resources and willingness to successfully change.

Align Systems entails establishing reward and incentive systems that promote desired behaviors and actions. The focus is on making sure that management practices are aligned to reinforce the changes. It’s here that you will adjust the necessary organizational elements to deliver sustainable results.

Sustain the Change is about maintaining a cadence of communications and stakeholder engagement activities. The focus is on highlighting the benefits of the changes and attainment of milestones in highly visible ways. It’s here that you will harness the lessons and best practices from this initiative so that they can be applied to future change efforts.

The Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT)TM model at the core of our Change Accelerator product.

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