Internal Change Capability Building

Organizations over a certain size that continuously manage a portfolio of multiple, overlapping change projects are candidates for an internal change management capability.

The organizations that benefit most from an internal change management capability typically display a number of characteristics: a proliferation of change management methodologies and tools; change expertise fragmented across functional areas; under-resourced strategic initiatives; and multiple projects that lack a coordinated effort.

Our Change Accelerator–Enterprise License is ideal for organizations that wish to build or strengthen their own internal change capability. This solution enables an organization to purchase Change Accelerator once, own it forever, host the solution on their own web servers, and customize it.

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Emergent's Change Capability Blueprint

Client results
Fortune 50 Retail Store
Transformation of Store Operations to a matrix organization structure. Transition to an Accounting shared services, outsourced model

Global Financial Services Company
Process re-engineering to reduce time spent on low-value activities

Fortune 500 Diversified Bank
Implementation of “Customer Experience” strategy

“Big 3” Automotive Manufacturer
Transition of IT division to a shared service organization

Fortune 50 Drugstore Chain
Acquisition and integration of regional drugstore competitor